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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  November 16, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EST

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>> the love pentagon. that's what's making news in america this friday morning. >> stay with us for "goo >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. straight ahead, another three hours, a former cia director david petraeus will testify before a house committee on the september u.s. consulate attack in benghazi, libya. good morning, washington. it's friday, november 16. i am steve chenevey. >> i am pamela brown. let's get to meteorologist jacq not a bad start. almost a carbon copy of yesterday. but i think we will see a little more sunshine this afternoon. the headline for today, we will have continued cold temperatures. that will be the rule again with
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ties only in the 50s today. after some clout in this, we should have a sunny start to the weekend. in a little while, a sneak peak to your thanksgiving forecast. let me show you super doppler. it's picking up showers towards the northern neck and delmarva. for the most part, we will have clouds today. 51 degrees by noon. partly cloudy skies at 53 degrees by 5:00. let's check on traffic with steve hershorn. >> the inner loop of the beltway, no traffic troubles. the road work is out of the way. very smoothly on the beltway at new hampshire. no problems on the outer loop. in good shape around town. looking pretty good at springfield. hov lanes are open northbound on
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395 and 95, moving smoothly. 395 to the 14th street bridge as well. in georgetown, there's roadwork at m street and canal road. at the key road. that's right where you turn to get on to the key bridge to head over to virginia, so watch for that. >> virginia state police issued an amber alert for an 18-month- old girl taken from southern virginia. police released this picture of alexis carlisle, abducted on thursday afternoon in halifax county. they believe she is with eric blackl and jennifer carlyle and headed to the d.c. area. they have not released details on the suspects, but it's a brown 1985 nissan station wagon with virginia license plate that they may be traveling in. if you know anything, call
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police. >> a deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in libya will take center stage again today on capitol hill. former cia director david petraeus will tell them what he knows about the september attacks in benghazi that killed four americans including u.s. ambassador chris stevens. we are learning the cia is looking into the traygeneral petraeus's conduct. >> president obama will meet with congressional leaders today for the first time since his election. the meeting focusing on preventing the fiscal cliff. that the combination of tax hikes and spending cuts that will take effect in january. the president will ask for $1.60 trillion in new taxes over the next decade. but republicans say they will accept tax revenues but not higher tax rates. >> april will hold a job here today from 10:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. at the washington
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convention center. to attend, you must register on- line in advance. go to the website. >> the manassas, accused of leading police on a wild chase through virginia and maryland last month as a preliminary hearing today. the chase started on 66 and ended when she crashed car in rockville. she faces several charges including assault and reckless endangerment. >> a stunning verdict in prince george's county. a university student charged with murdering her roommate. >> they found alexis and simpson not guilty of murdering her roommate's dominique frazier. >> not guilty. >> echoed outside the prince george's courthouse thursday night after a jury found simpson not guilty in the stabbing death of her bowie state roommates dominique frazier. >> thank you jesus. there is a. god. just
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>> we prayed to god and it worked for the best. she's a good person. >> prosecutors argued simpson was the aggressor wednesday slashed frazier's throat during a fight in their dorm room. but simpson said that she was scared and that she started swinging the knife and the jury believed her. >> there's no question that she acted in self-defense. >> she was very remorseful. she made the 911 call. >> the victim's family declined comment. >> i am stunned, to be honest. >> but disappointed state's attorney says the family is devastated. they lost a loved. one and their hope for loved >> one whose life has been ferber unchanged, it's a very sad circumstance and it is sad for our community. >> i cannot believe this. >> sylvia, like so many in the
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community, following the case closely, strongly disagrees with the verdict. >> she should not be walking the streets. >> simpson is a three-person. she will spend time with family to reflect and then will return to a study is. we don't know where she will go. they know she will not return to bowie state. jay korff reporting. >> the postal service continues. to make continues. >> and the fha is losing money. linda bell has more from new york. >> the faa is losing money at. it's deep in debt. a mortgage insurance agency has a deficit for the fiscal year. that's because of mounting losses from defaulting on loans during the housing bubble. this set the stage for possible taxpayer subsidy or buyout for the fha for the first time in its history. we have been following the cash
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stream at of the u.s. postal service. it lost $16 billion in the fiscal year. $15 billion is what it had been projecting. it needs $250 million per day to pay its workers fuel vehicles and keep the lights on. without action from congress, the u.s. post office says it will run out of money by store 15 of 2013. united continental experiencing another computer mishap delaying hundreds of flights. this follows malfunctions in march and august. if you know how much of the bank's biggest turkey leftovers are worth, you would be surprised. it may be enough to make you clean your plate this year. more on that in the next hour. linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. 4437 -- 4:37, 41 degrees. >> and a simpson will be on the airwaves this afternoon.
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we will tell you about that. >> is another weekend. that means more track wor
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cynne simpson gets to sleep in late today. we want to help you wake up the today. >> you can download our free alarm clock for a personalized wake-up alarm. it also has the latest news weather, and traffic. visit and downloaded for free. >> cloudy once again today. you get the clouds in the morning and it provides a nice blanket. that's lovely. our temperatures are staying
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well above the freezing mark for the most part as a result. looking at the satellite and radar, we are cloudy across the mid-atlantic one against -- together it a little sprinkles in parts of st. mary's and calvert county. most of it across the bay and across the delmarva at this time. most of us will not be dealing with any rain. it could be very light and brief, if anything. 42 degrees at this hour at reagan national. temperatures will stay cooler than average again. 51 degrees by noon. some peaks of sunshine again late this afternoon. 53 degrees at 5:00. high temperature of about 54. we have a good-looking seven-day forecast which includes a thanksgiving preview. it's looking pretty good overall. let's check of traffic now with steve. >> we will take a look at 270 and found near 109, not bad right now on this friday.
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hopefully, that will be the case friday light. it is to montgomery county from frederick county, all lanes are open and moving smoothly. we do have utility work on the key bridge near the district side of the key bridge, which will affect you if you are turning from canal road on to the key bridge over to rosslyn. construction is in the middle of the road. we hope it's not for much longer. near dulles airport, looking good. on the toll road to, light volume. in springfield, looks good all the way from dale city to springfield and 395 to the 14th street bridge. >> thank you. if you plan to use metro this weekend, trains will be single- tracking between takoma and forest glenn. blue line trains will do the same between stadium-armory and addison road. that is 10:00 tonight until closing on sunday. tonight and sunday only, orange
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line trains will single track between east and west falls church. saturday only, blue and yellow line trains will single track between the pentagon or rather between pentagon city and reagan national airport. the beltway's new express lanes in northern virginia will open officially tomorrow. >> virginia police will be in full force looking for violators. several things you need to know about new traffic patterns and how to use the new toll lanes. for answers, go to our web site brianne carter will have live reports starting in our next hour. >> the house transportation committee will review a recent audit of the metropolitan washington airports authority. the audit by the inspector general questions the way the authority hires contractors and spends money. airports authority leaders transportation secretary lloyd and a virginia congressman are among those scheduled to testify today. it is 40 degrees outside. cracks coming up on this friday, the brother of actress
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>> the brother of mia farrow faces several child sex abuse charges. police in edgewater maryland received information that several children had been abused in the area. two men came for identifying him as the suspect. they say he molested them
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repeatedly between 2000and 2008. we talked with the parents of one of the accusers. >> he is catatonic. >> why found out, i can almost pinpoint the day this happened because my son went from being a normal little kid to lying all the time, having major behavior issues. >> john charles villers-farrow is being held on $800,000 bond. new details emerged about a deadly officer involved shooting in riverdale and happened wednesday night at prince george's county sheriff's deputy was serving a temporary peace order at adderall 160 third avenue. franklin sweeney jr. came down the stairs with a fake handgun. the deputy shot him, killing him. the deputy is on administrative leave. >> around the nation, investigators are searching for answers after a train rammed into a parade floats in texas. >> four people died and 17 others injured when the train to
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uploaded in midland's at a railway crossing. the float was headed to an event honoring wounded veterans. crossing gates and lights were working at the time of the collision, but it's not clear if the crew of the trains of the floats. >> bp will pay the largest criminal penalty in u.s. history. it is agreed to pay $4.5 billion for the 2010 oil spill in the gulf of mexico. bp says it will plead guilty to criminal targets related to the debts of 11 workers and for lying to congress. three employees also face charges. two are charged with manslaughter. >> in the aftermath of hurricane sandy, president obama vows to stick with the yorkers still struggling. the president toured the devastation and met with president on s.i.. thousands of people still don't have power. the governor is requesting $30 billion in the federal aid for the state. >> the health care reform law
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the governor's have until today to tell the federal government whether they will run their own exchanges where people can shop for health insurance. they can form a federal-state partnership. we have 40 degrees on this friday morning. >> there's time to enter today's 10th to win thousands of dollars in free groceries. stick around. >> find out why charges have been dropped against the daughter of john bon
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>> its friday morning. >> talking about the weather not so bad right now. >> it's not terrible. pretty typical. it's normal. consider yourself normal. 42 degrees is our temperature at reagan national, 40 at dulles, 36 in gaithersburg. in frederick, 32 degrees. 44 in fredericksburg. groveland, 28. 29 in petersburg. we have cloud cover. that always saves you a little in terms of temperatures in the mornings. a few sprinkles moving south and east of the metro. it will not amount to much. it will just before the morning. then it should move out. i did want to let you know about it. our forecast partly sunny skies, continued cool. the international space station
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flying above us a couple minutes from now. 50-55 degrees today for the high temperature. i'm giving you the goods early today. this takes you through thanksgiving. the weekend starting with plenty of sunshine, 55 degrees on saturday. i think we will see it a lot of clouds between sunday and wednesday. but dry. could for travelers. sunshine and 59 degrees on thanksgiving day. you can go outside and go jogging or play football. that's your forecast. a check on traffic and weather steve. >> the 14th street bridge, northbound on 395 from arlington into the district looks good. no problems. there's a report of broken-down vehicles southbound on 395 washington boulevard. that was quickly cleared away. that's gone. nothing left. it did not cause any problems. the beltway near new hampshire
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avenue, traffic moving smoothly. traffic cones on the side. all lanes open. we love to see that. no delays on the beltway, maryland or virginia. ongoing utility work in the district, actually on the key bridge at the intersection of canal road, m street, and the key bridge. that if you want to make a right turn onto the keyboard, you will see the road work at the corner affecting u.s. acustar your trip across the key bridge. no delays for now. back to you. >> thank you. there's still time to enter our grocery give away. >> during the 6:00 are we will give you the clue of the day. from there go to our facebook page to enter the " on the contest page. you will be entered for the chance to win a $5,000 safeway gift card. the winner will be announced every morning until tuesday. on wednesday, one winner will get a $5,000 gift card. -- there's a daily $500 safeway card. charges have been dropped
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against the daughter of a rocker jon bon jovi after she reportedly overdosed on heroin in her dorm room in new york. >> 19-year-old stephanie and another person had been charged with drug possession. this law states that a person who seeks help care for someone who is experiencing a drug overdose as well as the person over tourist cannot be prosecuted for the possession of heroin weighing less than 8 ounces. >> steven colbert will be in the district today to unveil his wax figure at madam tussaud's museum in northwest d.c. it took 250 measurements and photographs of him for the wax figure. he donated his own clothing for the figure. >> it is impressive how they do that. rock star bret michaels will make an appearance at a pet smart store in manassas to debut is a collection of toys, beds and other items available parent the event starts at 3:00 on some
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ugly manner drive. -- on sudley manor drive. >> a big weekend for twilight fans. the final will
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